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Our Pulpit Rock  - Wild and beautiful hike is a wonderful option for the ones that are looking for a peaceful and quiet yet strenuous hiking experience away from the crowds. Unlike most Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) tours, this trail allows breathtakingly scenic views into both ends of the Lysefjord, including views from and onto Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) itself. By hiking through the remote backcountry that surrounds Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) you will come into close contact with the Norwegian Nature and get to enjoy the mountain landscape in a unique way.  

Please note: This hike is strenuous and requires a good physical shape as well as basic hiking experience.   

DISTANCE:      10 km / 6.2 mi round-trip route

DURATION:     7 hours

LEVEL:   Moderate to strenuous


Starts and ends at the Preikestolen Mountain Lodge  


270 m (890 ft.) / 706 m (2316 ft.)


From April to mid-November


This trail ventures away from the big crowds that commonly occupy the official trail to Pulpit Rock/ Preikestolen. Vast parts of the trail weave through wild terrain. It starts with an easy to moderate technical level on a little frequented sporadically marked path. Once this path comes to an end, the technical difficulty turns into moderate to difficult; leading through a great variety of different wild terrains. Including rock face, boulder areas, meadow landscapes and ending in a beautiful forest path. 



The requirements for this challenging hike are a good physical shape, a good balance and hiking experience that allows the participant to hike for 6 to 7 hours in a moderate speed and cope with the irregular and rough terrain of the Norwegian Mountains. 


Gear and food

Hikers should be prepared with clothes and shoes suitable for the mountain weather conditions and difficult terrain. Ankle high hiking boots are mandatory for this hike. Please be advised that we reserve the right to refuse participants with lesser type of shoes and we do this for your own safety. Other suggestions include warm, windproof and waterproof clothing and hiking poles.*

 Bring some water with you to keep hydrated, preferably in a container we can refill on the trail. Norwegian mountains are full of crystal clear, clean and very tasty water sources. We advise you to bring your own lunch and snacks for the hike since lunch will not be provided.  

Last but not least, each hiker is responsible for carrying his/her own gear etc. so please bring a suitable backpack.


* We rent out hiking boots, water-resistant pants and jackets as well as hiking  poles.  



Standard package 1300,- The price of this trip includes transportation, snowshoes/spikes and covers the guide’s expenses. 

We have the possibility to accommodate groups larger than 8 hikers. Please contact us for further details.


We pick you up at the location you chose during the booking process. Estimated pickup would be 7:00- 7:15 AM from your accommodation. Be ready 5 minutes before the pick up time in front of the main entrance of your accommodation.

After the pickup our tour starts with a 40 min. car ride to the trailhead at the Preikestolen parking. On the way there we are driving through the world's longest and deepest undersea tunnel for cars allowing us to quickly overcome the water area between Stavanger and the hiking trail. Parts of the drive will be along one of the fjords close to Stavanger and the Norwegian countryside.

The beautiful guided hike through nature that follows takes around 7 hours including several smaller stops to get in touch with nature, drink water and eat the snacks you bring along. Once we arrive at Pulpit Rock after about 2.5 hours hiking, we spend some time adoring the view and most likely taking photos. After leaving the plateau we will soon arrive at a quiet place where we enjoy eating our packed lunch in a beautiful surrounding. Strengthened for the second half, we continue our hike for another 3 hours until we reach the Mountain Lodge again. 

Once there, the active part is over and you can relax in the car on the way back to Stavanger where we drop you off at your pickup location at around 16:00 - 17:00 PM.

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