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Norwegian Army (North division), sanitation level 2, steepcard course, formerly active alpinist and football player
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Experience: outdoor life Bryne VGs, first-time service (northern Norway), vice-chancellor, sanitation level 2, ski instructor, steepcard course, formerly active alpinist and football player, CrossFit, backpacking in Asia, parachute jump

Annelise went to the studied sports  at Bryne High School with outdoor life as an elective. During high school they had trips to, among other things, Galdhøpiggen, Besseggen, Kjerag, Hardangervidda and the Alps in Austria. After high school she was one year in the first-time service (Army) in Northern Norway. She was both a second commandor and car driver for a whole year, with many exercises. Annelise is therefore used to coping with tough situations and can survive in the hardest weather in the Nordic countries. Furthermore, she also got the course sanitation level.2, which is vital when you are the first person at a place of injury. Besides that, she's been doing alpine skiing all her life, winning a total of 11 KM gold. Annelise has also worked as a ski instructor, as well as  CrossFit coach. She also got steepcard courses.

From January to March 2019 went backpacking in Southeast Asia with some of her girlfriends. They visited Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. After Asia, they traveled to Sydney, Australia, where the trip ended with skydiving.

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